PEACE contra touradas nos Açores

O texto abaixo está a ser enviado ao Grupo Bensaúde e terá sido iniciativa do Grupo de Pressão e Informação para a abolição das touradas (PEACE)

Dear Sirs,
I have seen the video of the last tourada that took place in Ilha Terceira, which deeply chocked me.
We can see a horse dying of a heart attack, probably caused by the stress of the inhumane conditions the poor animals have to face during these barbaric events. A bull, driven to madness by stress, suffering and fear, throws himself against a pannel and breaks a horn. The poor animal turns in circles, having lost his perception of volumes and in great pain.
How can this take place in Azores ? Is it in 2011 the way normal human beings can spend their time ? I can not imagine to spend my holidays and money to finance shameful events like these touradas.
I notify by this email my decision to avoid your islands as long as these touradas take place there. I will encourage my friends and relatives to do the same until I receive confirmation of an ethical decision of your parliament.
Best regards,


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